ONELIGHT is built on Angular. The modern web developer’s platform by Google.

⬇ Security Benefits (for coding nerds)
  • Angular has visible and attainable security guidelines, a
    security contact and a responsible disclosure policy, all of
    which are missing from the React project.
  • Angular has broader built-in support for data sanitization and
    output encoding in different contexts such as URL attributes
    in HTML anchor (or, link) elements.
  • React doesn’t have built-in controls for data sanitization, but
    rather encodes output by default in most cases and leaves it
    up to developers to address unhandled cases such as refs and
    URL attributes (the latter of which is addressed in the React
    v16.9.0 release).
  • Angular includes support for Cross-Site Request Forgery
    (CSRF) vulnerabilities with a built-in security mechanism
    in its HTTP service. React developers need to address these
    issues independently.

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